EXTREME BODY TRANSFORMATION   – At the age of 33 I have suffered from weight problems my whole life. I could easily put on 2 stone in a month, a problem of which other family members didnt seem to suffer from. My weight has been up and down for some time and the heaviest I weighed in at was 24 stone. I got myself down to 19 stone and then I met Lisa. We started with body fat measurements using biosigantures and I was measured at 26%. She explained why the fat was stored in certain places, she was very clinical and detailed but explained it in such a way that I understood. 

I received a weight training program, eating plan and supplement plan to get me on my way. I got loads of great recipes to help with my meal planning and the training was great. I did everything she asked and put in 100% effort and I can proudly say that in 5 months i went from 26% to 14% body fat!!!

Weight went from 117kg to 93.6kg (loss of 23.4kg)

Waist went from 99.6 to 84.2cm (loss of 15.4cm)

Hips went from 110.1 to 98.5cm (loss of 11.6cm)

18 months on I weigh 15 stone which is my weight of choice, I have never been able to maintain any fat loss long term until now. Lisa explained that once you reach your goal weight you need to stay there for 18 months to ensure you don’t put it all back on. Now I enjoy a leaner frame, greater strength and a consistent weight. I am very happy and living proof that Lisa Cunningham Personal Training not only works but lasts.  Daniel Hawkins

Danny Before His Weight Loss CampaignDanny lost weight after 5 months

Danny day 1Danny after 5 months


POST PREGNANCY FAT LOSS  – I had my twins 4 years ago and just could not shift the weight gain. I was at a loss as to where to begin and I didn’t feel confident enough to join a gym.  I did a bit of research and found Lisa Cunningham Personal Training. Best thing I ever did!
She not only gave me advice, she gave me encouragement and motivated me.  When I began to see results in my weight loss I began to feel more confident in myself.
Lisa advised me which foods to try to avoid but there was never any pressure to stop having something altogether as I was allowed the odd ‘cheats!’ 
So now, not only have I lost weight – I’ve dropped one dress size – I feel better, look better and I now have more knowledge of which foods are better for me so I’m healthier too!
I have a lot to thank Lisa for and I would recommend her to anyone who needs abit of help and guidance just as I did“.  Maria Panayiotou

I NEEDED INSPIRATION  – “I first met Lisa 2 years but I decided that I could lose weight and get fitter myself. 2 years on, 2 stone heavier and now with Type 2 Diabetes I decided that no, I could not do it myself. I tried a few slimming classes but was disheartened that the leader was bigger than myself. I needed inspiration, direction, motivation and a manageable and sensible eating plan and fitness program tailor made for me which I now have. I have already lost a significant amount of weight and will continue to do so which has already changed my life. By the time I met Lisa for the second time I was ready to change and put in some hard work in which is paying off. Lisa has encouraged me and supported me every step of the way and her constant efforts towards personal development to stay at the top of her profession continues to both impress me and benefit me. To get up in the morning and look in the mirror and feel happy and positive is something I am finally getting used to. Thank you Lisa”.  Jianna Denny


EVERY SESSION DIFFERENT AND ENJOYABLE – “I have trained with Lisa for five years and every session has been different and hugely enjoyable. She takes care to know her clients and to keep up-to-date with the science behind training. If you want to have fun, learn how your body works and how to improve it – train with Lisa.” Dinah Barry


I HAVE MANGED TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT – “I had been using the gym for a while previous to meeting Lisa-Maree but not seeing the results I wanted.  When I started Lisa-Maree’s sessions she quickly showed me where I had been going wrong and my weight loss was steady but considerable. I have enjoyed her expert advice and fitness sessions for over three years and due to her methods of training and diet advice I have managed to maintain my healthy weight for a good while now. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to see results but more importantly who wants to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in the long term.” Terry Pace


LISA EXPECTS YOU TO TRY – “When I started training with Lisa, I was carrying a long term injury. Her constant encouragement, and ability to give me the right training has meant the injury is gone – I can’t even remember which arm had the ‘lock’. Lisa will always points you in the right direction, gives you good advice and expects you to at least try before you say no!” Margaret George


CONSTANTLY CHANGES MY ROUTINES – “Lisa is a great motivator who constantly changed my routines because i got bored easliy. With the advice on what to eat and when, it was easier than I thought. Many thanks for your efforts and the results I achieved :)” Rishin Patel


NEEDED SERIOUS GUIDANCE, HELP AND MOTIVATIONI approached Lisa at LA Fitness in Southgate in October 2009, weighing 74kilos, feeling fat, lacking confidence, full of cellulite and in a place of desperation, needing some serious guidance, help and motivation.

I arranged an appointment with Lisa who was really friendly and presented her with a list of things I was really unhappy with. I told her what my goals were and where I wanted to be. I informed her of all my bad dietary consumptions and told her of my constant sweet cravings and severe fatigue. Falling asleep at my desk on the computer at work at 2.30/3p.m.! 

I needed help and there she was. Lisa listened to all I had to say and wrote me a program which was individually suited for my goals and needs. She took on board my health concerns, that my knees hurt as well as my back and worked towards alleviating these problems. 

Lisa gradually built up my motivation with lots of encouragement. I could also see that I was losing weight through the training we did. She gave me tips on what food to avoid and which food to snack on. 

Then in April this year after I had lost a bit of weight, Lisa got even more serious and upped my training and made some major changes to my diet which were required to get me to were I wanted to be. She had embarked on a training program herself which educated her more on food and which foods hinder your progress and which foods help.

She wrote me a new program (this took place every 4/5 weeks, depending on how many times I could get to the gym). She gave me lots of advice on which foods to avoid and which foods to eat, plus how many grams I needed to consume for each meal- the weight started to drop off! I am almost at my goal weight which is 60kilos. 

I look great, my clothes are too big and I have had to buy smaller sizes. I was a size 16 on the bottom and a size 14 on top. I am now a size 12 on the bottom and a size 10 on top. My knees and back no loner hurt. 

I am really happy that this weight loss has been a gradual progression as I have changed my eating habits, my lifestyle and I look really toned and feel fit and healthy. More than anything, my confidence has grown and that’s the biggest achievement. Lisa has been the motivation behind my success and I am very grateful that I have her training me! She is worth every penny and more!!” Marina Othona


IT’S NOT EASY BUT WITH LISA’S HELP I WILL SOON BE BACK IN SHAPE – “Lisa-Maree offers a varied programme, making training sessions more interesting. After 3 years of abusing my body with little training and too much of eating the wrong foods, she gave me a great kick start in August with several sessions over a couple of weeks and regular sessions since in addition to my normal workouts. I now enjoy going to the gym again and have also lost 11 lbs in less than 2 months and it’s still coming off. It’s not easy at 58 and there is still a long way to go, but with Lisa-Maree’s help I will soon be back to my old shape and my clothes will fit properly again!” 
Kevin Payle